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Designed to keep every childcare item in place and in reach, this scroll organizer is ideal for a wide range from everyday situations to holiday trips.

Large, medium, and small pockets of different shapes makes sure every item has its home. Fold it up for transport, then hang it up for easy access when it’s time to use it. When dropping off children at a sleepover, parents can manage all the necessary items in one place.

Embroider the child’s name on the organizer, giving each sibling their own personalized luggage. The generous size can also be used by parents and as a matching bag set for the whole family.

The washable material makes it possible to place the whole thing, soiled items and all, into the washing machine. Smaller items, such as baby socks, can be sorted into the pockets, making this suitable as a laundry net for babies and kids clothes. The gray coloring ensures the visibility of stored items.


100% Polyurethane Mesh


HEIGTH(RELAXED): 31.5 in. / 80 cm
WIDTH: 13 in. / 33 cm

Depending on the characteristics of the fabric used, there would be an error within 1-2 centimeter. (+1-2cm)

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