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okurumi 3 sumi

okurumi 3 sumi

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This knit swaddle gently lulls babies to sleep. After the baby outgrows the need for a swaddle, continue using this as a blanket or nursing cape. This is a multi-functional item that supports parents as they raise their children.

This environmentally-friendly material softly wraps the baby in breathable fabric. The front is made of MARLMARL’s original organic cotton (MOY = MARLMARL Organic Yarn), and the reverse side is a blend of organic cotton and a new plant-based material "PlaX".

Use the attached knit tape to convert this into a nursing cape or to roll it up into a small size ideal for on-the-go families. Parents can also use this as a shoulder or lap blanket.

Embroider the child’s name on the attached knit tape to make it a one-of-a-kind gift. This is a perfect gift for newborns, 100th day, and half-birthday celebrations.


85% Cotton, 15% Polylactide


Width: 32.25 in. x Length: 110 in. Length of Elastic band: 13.75 in.

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored products.

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