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okurumi 3 sumi

okurumi 3 sumi

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This knit swaddle gently lulls babies to sleep. After the baby outgrows the need for a swaddle, continue using this as a blanket or nursing cape. This is a multi-functional item that supports parents as they raise their children.

This environmentally-friendly material softly wraps the baby in breathable fabric. The front is made of MARLMARL’s original organic cotton (MOY = MARLMARL Organic Yarn), and the reverse side is a blend of organic cotton and a new plant-based material “PlaX”.

Use the attached knit tape to convert this into a nursing cape or to roll it up into a small size ideal for on-the-go families. Parents can also use this as a shoulder or lap blanket.

Embroider the child’s name on the attached knit tape to make it a one-of-a-kind gift. This is a perfect gift for newborns, 100th day, and half-birthday celebrations.


85% Cotton, 15% Polylactide



[ a ] WIDTH: 32.25 in. / 82 cm
[ b ] LENGTH: 110 in. / 125.5 cm

Garment sizes are the measurements of the actual garment.
Fitting will vary, even for garments which are the same size.
Depending on the characteristics of the fabric used, there would be an error within 1-2 centimeter. (+1-2cm)

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored products.
Do not rub.
Please remove the attachment before washing.
Iron with a cloth between theIron and the garment.
Do not store on a hanger.
Please wash by hand andDo not wring the foil print part. It may crack or fall off due to friction or washing.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product.

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