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Our family-sized cooler bag, ideal for weekend picnics and day-trips. Carry meals and refreshments for the whole family without the hassle of needing to use both hands or worrying about spills.

Key Features

Generously sized, this bag can comfortably fit a lunch box and two 500ml beverages. It also comes with an inner pocket specifically designed for cooling gels. Included are two Velcro dividers that can be adjusted to ensure water bottles and utensils stay upright and secure. For convenience, a shoulder strap has been added alongside the handles. This strap is designed to maintain a horizontal position, even when worn crossbody.

Color and Style

In sophisticated black, this is a fashionable alternative to conventional cooler bags. The neutral color ensures the bag's versatility, allowing it to be used by any family member.


Polyester 65% Cotton 35%


Length: 9 in.
Width: 11.75 in.
Bottom gusset width: 6.75 in.
Shoulder strap length: ~44 in.
Handle length: 9.5 in.
Weight: 354g

Care Instructions

Please wipe with a damp cloth.
With with a dry cloth when cleaning.
Please avoid washing.
Do not bleach, the colors may change.
Please dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
After use, please keep it in good shape.
This product may discolor due to direct sunlight, etc. Please handle with care.

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