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teppan box FSP10

teppan box FSP10

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This set, comprising a bib and tutu, adds a delicate and colorful touch to the special moments you share with your baby.

[Set Includes]
The set features softly curved bib items that gracefully adorn the baby's neck. Embellished with embroidery of a shooting star, inspired by the Edo pattern "Kousen Hoshi," these pieces glimmer in pale twilight-like hues. The tutu, made from layers of fine tulle, exudes a gentle and elegant charm. Versatile in design, it can be worn as a one-piece with a bare top during infancy, transforming into a charming tulle skirt as the child grows. Its smoky sage color lends a light, sophisticated air to the ensemble.

Ideal as a gift for birthdays and birthday celebrations, this set is also perfectly suited for special occasions like weddings and parties. It's a thoughtful present that will enhance and commemorate the precious bond between parent and child.

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