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teppan box FSP3

teppan box FSP3

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Coordinated box of cotton cardigans and tutus. This delicate and elegant set is designed to add a photogenic touch to the child's precious moments.

[Set Includes]
The cotton cardigan, a testament to Japan's renowned WHOLEGARMENT technique, boasts a seamless construction. It offers soft comfort and a charming silhouette, enhancing the child's look with its delicate design. The cardigan's dull pink color, reminiscent of cherry blossoms, exudes class and elegance. Complementing the cardigan is the eye-catching tutu, wearable from babyhood through to the kids' stage. Its delicate tulle, combined with the elegant luster of the night print and velour ribbons, lends a formal flair perfect for special events.

This set is an ideal gift for celebratory occasions, ready to wear from the moment it's received. Pair the cardigan and tutu for a complete, occasion-ready outfit. As the child grows, both items can continue to be a part of their wardrobe, either together for special occasions or individually for adding charm to everyday outfits.

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