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teppan box FSP14

teppan box FSP14

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This reversible bib set, characterized by its meringue-like texture, offers a charming and versatile addition to the baby's wardrobe.

[Set Includes]
Made from cotton pile fabric, the bibs provide a natural look and feel, ensuring comfort for the little one. Cotton satin piping adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. This set comes in two delightful color combinations: green and beige for a pistachio-inspired look, and yellow and pale gray for a citron-themed style. These colors are versatile enough to be used in all seasons, allowing for seamless integration with various outfits and occasions.

Ideal for a range of situations, from everyday life to special outings, this set of bibs is also a great gift option. Fashion-conscious parents looking to stylishly coordinate their child's outfits will find this set particularly appealing. For families with twins, the different colors in the same model offer an adorable way to coordinate their looks.

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