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teppan box FSP5

teppan box FSP5

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This gift box, containing a bib and towel, brings warm, comforting hues to your moments with your baby, enhancing the joy and tenderness of your time together.

[Set Includes] The set features a stylish towel inspired by "amber sugar," a jewel-like traditional Japanese sweet. Combining transparent lace, vibrant Tomari print, and soft pink hues, the towel exudes elegance. Its versatile design allows for various looks, adaptable to your preferences. Every aspect, from the materials to the production, is proudly made in Japan. The hand towel, crafted from 100% organic cotton waffle fabric, is soft and gentle, perfect for everyday use. It includes a loop for easy attachment to hooks or strollers, aiding in convenient childcare, and a name tag to prevent misplacement.

[Recommendation] This gift set is more than just items; it's a heartfelt expression from the giver. The delicate bib and essential towel, ideal for outings, offer comfort and softness with every use. Both items can be personalized with embroidery, making this set a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

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