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teppan box RAU11

teppan box RAU11

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This set brings together a chic bib, crafted from a variety of expressive materials including quilted, fringed, and ribbed textures, and a pair of soft, cozy bloomers.

[Set Includes]
The bib, flaunting stylish hues, mirrors the elegance of adult fashion. The quilted stitching gracefully accentuates the curves around the baby's neck, offering subtle charm. The bloomers, in pure white, showcase a rounded silhouette characteristic of baby apparel. The smooth faux-suede exterior coupled with a mesh lining ensures a comfy fit.

This warm, coordinated set is an ideal gift for little ones as they embrace the winter season. Pair them together for a fashionable outing ensemble or incorporate each piece into daily wear for a splash of color. Personalized embroidery adds a thoughtful touch, making each gift uniquely special.

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