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styling box TAU8

styling box TAU8

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Encourage your little one's growing curiosity with this coordinated box set that makes mealtime and playtime even more enjoyable.

The set includes khaki-colored slacks and a sage-colored mealtime apron, both of which are made of lightweight, wrinkle-free material. The apron's long sleeves and knee-length coverage protect your child's clothes up to the knees, and the deep, nuanced color adds a touch of sophistication. The slacks can be adjusted to two different lengths as your child grows, making them a long-lasting addition to any wardrobe. These slacks are suitable for when babies begin eating independently, as well as during the stage when your child is able to grab and eat food neatly on their own. This set makes a great gift to support parents in raising their children.

Set Includes:

* This gift set is in Baby Size
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