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hooded bathrobe 4 sage

hooded bathrobe 4 sage

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A hooded bathrobe that can be quickly thrown on after a bath. Highly absorbent, this will prevent rooms and floors from being soaked by energetic children. Keeping the kids warm and dry, this item gives parents time to prepare for bed time. Seeing kids walking around in this bathrobe will bring smiles to the faces of the whole family.

The soft and light organic cotton waffle fabric dries freshly bathed kids and keeps them comfortable. The tasseled hood and the loose-fitting design transform kids and bath time into a adorable event.

This bathrobe comes in one adjustable size. Simply roll up the sleeves when the child is small and gradually roll them down as the child grows up. Let this bathrobe be there for the first “I can put it on by myself” and the first “I can towel off by myself”. Bring this to the pool, the beach, and other outdoor activities.


100% Organic Cotton



[ a ] BODY LENGTH: 20.5 in. / 52 cm
[ b ] BODY WIDTH: 14.5 in. / 37 cm
[ c ] BOTTOM WIDTH: 15 in. / 39 cm
[ d ] SLEEVE LENGTH(CENTER BACK): 15.25 in. / 44 cm
RECOMMENDED AGE: 1 year to 4 years

Garment sizes are the measurements of the actual garment.
Fitting will vary, even for garments which are the same size.
Depending on the characteristics of the fabric used, there would be an error within 1-2 centimeter. (+1-2cm)

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored items.
Do not bleach, the colors may change.
Do not dry clean.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product.

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