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suton 2 grass 100cm

suton 2 grass 100cm

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Unisex playwear that allows you to enjoy playing outside without worrying about dirt and insects. Due to its spacious size, you can wear long sleeves and tights on the inner, and you can wear it all year round.

Light and easy-to-move stretch nylon fabric with Insect Shield processing keeps insect repellent effect even after washing. It is easy to clean even if it gets dirty, and it is sure to play an active part in mud, sandboxes, and water play scenes.

With a jumpsuit type design that you can wear at home and go out to the park as it is, it protects your tummy and knees even if you run around.
Inseam concealed fasteners that make it easy to change diapers while standing and children's toilets, and rubber hem to prevent sand from entering are used to enhance functionality. It is also a point that you can change clothes from your head / feet.

Nuance green with the image of a lawn. The matching is cute as it can be developed in 2 sizes.


87% Nylon, 13% Polyester



[ a ] BODY LENGTH(OFF-CNETER): 34 in. / 86 cm
[ b ] INSEAM(LENGTH): 14.6 in. / 37 cm
[ c ] BODY WIDTH: 15 in. / 38 cm
[ d ] SLEEVE LENGTH(CENTER BACK): 13 in. / 33 cm
RECOMMENDED AGE: 3 years to 4 years

Garment sizes are the measurements of the actual garment.
Fitting will vary, even for garments which are the same size.
Depending on the characteristics of the fabric used, there would be an error within 1-2 centimeter. (+1-2cm)

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored products.
Please wash in a laundry net bag.
Please close the zipper before washing.
Do not iron the zippers.
Iron with a cloth between theIron and the garment.
Dark colors may fade.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product.

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