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lullaby 2 bunny cloud 60-70cm

lullaby 2 bunny cloud 60-70cm

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All-in-one nightwear reminiscent of rabbits from fairy tales that will make your child's sleep even cuter. Wearing pajamas when you go to bed is said to switch you into sleep mode, and can be expected to have the effect of regulating your daily rhythm.

The cotton pile is gentle to the touch and absorbs sweat easily. Only the 60-70cm size comes with organic cotton underwear and pajamas, so you don't have to worry about putting them on separately. Comes with covers for your hands and feet to prevent you from getting cold while sleeping. It's unisex and available in 2 sizes, so it's cute even if you and your siblings wear it together.

If you are with your stuffed animal BFF+, it will look like you are sleeping together. It also provides comfort to moms and dads watching over them.


Shell: 82% Cotton, 18% Polyester
Inner: 100% Cotton
Ear parts: 100% Polyester



[ a ] BODY LENGTH: 25.2 in. / 64 cm
[ b ] INSEAM(LENGTH): 9.6 in. / 24.5 cm
[ c ] BODY WIDTH: 11 in. / 28 cm
[ d ] SLEEVE LENGTH(CENTER BACK): 14.4 in. / 36.5 cm
RECOMMENDED AGE: Newborn to 1 year

Garment sizes are the measurements of the actual garment.
Fitting will vary, even for garments which are the same size.
Depending on the characteristics of the fabric used, there would be an error within 1-2 centimeter. (+1-2cm)

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored products.
Please close the zipper before washing.
Do not iron the zippers.
Iron with a cloth between theIron and the garment.
Shape the garment and hang dry in the shade.
After use,Please keep it in good shape.
Please note that the threads may loosen or fray with use, but this is a charachteristic of the product.

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