The winter holiday season is just around the corner!

The winter holiday season is just around the corner!

It's that time of year again when the air gets crisp, and our hearts warm with the joy of the winter holiday season. From twinkling lights to waiting for the first snowfall, there's a buzz that fills our homes. As we unpack our favorite sweaters, let's embrace all the magic this season has in store for our families.

Here are a few lesser known, and maybe counter-intuitive, safety tips from MARLMARL:

Protect Extremities

Kids love to play outside- even on the chilliest of days! It's crucial to protect their extremities from the cold. Hats, gloves, and scarves are essential, as body heat is often lost through the head, hands, and neck. For younger children, opt for mittens instead of gloves. By keeping them together, they're more effective at keeping little fingers warm.

Sun Protection

The winter sun may seem milder, but its rays can still reflect off snow and cause sunburn. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your child's exposed skin before playing outdoors. Don't forget areas like the face and ears, and consider a lip balm with SPF for added protection.

Stay Hydrated

Kids are less likely to feel thirsty in cold weather, but staying hydrated is as important as it is in summer! Encourage your child to drink water regularly. After building snowmen, hot cups of cocoa or herbal tea make great childhood memories! This keeps them hydrated while also maintaining their body temperature in cold weather.

Safety first but of course the holiday season wouldn't be complete without gift-giving!

There's nothing better than closing the year with celebrations that bring us together. Show your love and warm wishes with a present from Japan!

This hand-picked selection of warm items has us ready for all the wonderful holidays: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Or feel free to shop our pre-packaged gift sets. From full outfits to the box itself, our professional stylists curate every set in Tokyo. This is to bring joy to the people who give the gift, receive the gift, and use the gift!

As we look forward to the joys of the winter holiday season, let's remember to keep our kids safe, warm, and hydrated. With all the festivities and outdoor fun, the holiday season is exciting for the whole family. Safety tips in mind, we can help ensure that our little ones fully enjoy every winter wonder. As we think about gift-giving, let's cherish the moments that make this season special.

From all of us at MARLMARL, here's to a delightful, safe, and memorable winter for you and your family!

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