Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

As Fall transitions to Winter, we all want our kids to stay warm and healthy. But, staying warm doesn't mean they can't look cool! With some smart clothing choices, babies and kids can both be comfy and stylish while avoiding the chill. See how MARLMARL keeps children warm from head to toe.


When the cold wind blows, their little heads and ears are the first to feel it. Our newly released knit bonnet and watch cap will make all the difference. Made in Japan, the knit bonnet gently envelopes the baby's head in soft and seamless elegance- with pom-pom's! For kids, we have the watch cap made with the same seamless technology in Japan and meant to be worn up to 5 years old.


Cardigans are a popular defense against winter's chill. Think of them as a cozy hug for kids all day long! Our line-up of cardigans are all seamlessly knit in Japan and are adjustable to grow with the child.

For cold weather outings, we have the sonnet and alto outerwear items. Sonnet is a trench coat-style cape that doubles as a blanket. Alto is a sophisticated jacket complete with a quilted liner and hood. Both sonnet and alto are designed to be worn for many years and through many seasons.


Keeping babies' legs (and tummies) warm is a job for our knit pants. Adjustable shoulder straps and the high-waisted design add extra warmth while the seamless design brings ultimate comfort.

Slacks come in baby size and kids size, both sizes are adjustable and adapt to the child's changing height as well as the changing seasons.


We covered heads, shoulders, and knees, now it's time for the toes! We have knee socks, tights, and leg warmers to fill out our winter outfit. Our cotton knee socks are made with an above-the-knee length that stays put on crawling babies. Cotton tights provide all around coverage for bellies and diapers and come with non-slip feet for babies taking their first steps. For an added layer of warmth, we also offer cotton leg warmers that make for easy diaper changes.

MARLMARL 2023 Fall/Winter Collection

Winter doesn't have to be all about the cold and shivers. With the right gear, our kids can enjoy the magic of the season without feeling like they're in a freezer. From snug hats to cozy sweaters and the perfect pair of pants, dressing smart makes winter fun and stylish. So, here's to frosty mornings, snowball fights, and warm, happy kids ready for every winter adventure!

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