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knit pants 3 sumi

knit pants 3 sumi

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Wholegarment knitting is a revolutionary Japanese technology that allows for the production of these 'seam-free' knit pants. The shape fits the child’s natural leg position and offers support when they are sitting up. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the high-waisted design helps to keep them warm.


100% Cotton


Waist circumference: 15.75 in.
inseam: 7.5 in.
Rise: 8.3 in.
Shoulder strap: 8.9 in.-10.8 in.

Care Instructions

Do not rub.
Do not iron the buttons directly.
Please hang dry immediately after washing to prevent wrinkles.
Do not store on a hanger.
Please be careful not to snag on other items.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product

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