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cardigan 5 yamaji momo

cardigan 5 yamaji momo

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Step into the cold season with our reversible knit cardigan that beckons with the promise of cozy warmth and versatile style. Its pullover design opens up myriad possibilities for winter coordination, making it a staple piece you’ll reach for time and again.

[ Long-Term Use ]
Designed to adapt, this cardigan grows with your child, offering a snug fit from the tender age of 0 up to 4 years old.

[ Functions ]
With buttons positioned at the back, it effortlessly doubles as a pullover, expanding its style repertoire. Crafted in Japan, using the seamless WHOLEGARMENT manufacturing process, it allows a reversible wear, ensuring your child is enveloped in soft knit comfort, regardless of how it’s worn.

[ Color/Pattern ]
Adorned with a zigzag pattern around the shoulders, it draws inspiration from a traditional mountain road motif. The front exudes simplicity with its gentle ivory base. Flip it, and a delightful nuanced pink patterned side is revealed, offering diverse styling options.

[ Outfits ]
Create a harmonious winter ensemble by pairing it with a matching knit bonnet and knit pants. This cardigan also seamlessly integrates with the long-use watch cap, offering coordinated warmth.

Whether worn in its elegant ivory or its playful pink pattern, this reversible cardigan blends traditional motifs with modern versatility, wrapping your child in style and comfort throughout the winter months.


96% Cotton, 4% Polyurethane


Width: 12.25 in.13.25 in.
Length: 11.5 in.12.75 in.

Care Instructions

Do not rub.
Do not iron the buttons directly.
Please hang dry immediately after washing to prevent wrinkles.
Do not store on a hanger.
Please be careful not to snag on other items.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product.

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