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Meet our minimalist thermal pouch that's perfect for parenting.

Designed to hold two 500ml bottles, the pouch comes with an internal pocket for an ice pack. The air from the pack circulates, efficiently chilling the entire pouch.

The interior divider is adjustable, allowing it to accommodate different bottle sizes.

It includes a versatile strap that function as either a handle or a shoulder strap. Simply loop it around one wrist while carrying a child in the other.


100% Laminated Hemp


Height: 9 in. × Width: 6 in. × Depth: 4 in.
Length of Handle: 60cm

Care Instructions

Please wipe with a damp cloth.
With with a dry cloth when cleaning.
Please avoid washing.
Do not bleach, the colors may change.
Please dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
After use, please keep it in good shape.
Do not leave sweat or stains on the fabric, but treat them immediately.
Avoid strong fiction.
This product may discolor due to direct sunlight, etc. Please handle with care.
This material may stain when wet.
The surface resin will deteriorate over time.

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