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Size 70: bodysuits 6 scarf charcoal

Size 70: bodysuits 6 scarf charcoal

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These bodysuits are perfect for any occasion. The shirts come with either a bow tie or an embroidered scarf and the blouses come with either a detachable petal-shaped collar or an elegant scallop lace detail.


100% Cotton


Height: 17.1 in.
Length of shirt: 13.8 in.
Width of chest: 11.8 in.
Length of sleeve: 8 in.
Width of shoulder: 10 in.
Hem width: 12.5 in.
Length/Width of Scarf: 27.2 in./2.2 in.

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored products.
Please wash the attachments separately.
Iron with a cloth between the iron and the garment.
Shape the garment and hang dry in the shade.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product

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