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[Thoughts] Designed to make rainy day childcare routines like pickups and drop-offs more manageable, this multifunctional raincoat provides essential protection for both parents and children. It's an adaptable solution for going out in unpredictable weather, ensuring everyone stays dry and comfortable.

[Design] The raincoat's oversized silhouette is ideal for shared use by parents. Its straightforward yet multifunctional design balances simplicity with practicality.

[Specifications/Features] A key feature is the baby cape, designed to shield a child in your arms from the rain. Conveniently stowed in a chest pocket during clear weather, the cape can be quickly attached using a one-touch fastening buckle at the onset of rain. As the child grows, this versatile cape can be removed and repurposed as a chest pocket or a ventilation feature. The dual side zippers enhance airflow, providing relief and comfort in humid weather conditions.

[Scene] Particularly useful for bicycle rides, the hood is equipped with a magnetic clasp that secures to a cap or helmet, ensuring it stays in place in windy and rainy conditions. This design maintains clear visibility and prevents the hood from flapping. The reflective print on the back of the hood increases safety during low-light conditions or rainy days, making both parent and child more visible.

[Material] Crafted from a triple-layered waterproof polyester material, this fabric is highly functional, offering both water resistance and breathability. It's ideal for prolonged wear, keeping you dry without causing overheating or excessive sweating.

[Color/Pattern] The raincoat's sophisticated black color lends a crisp, elegant look to any outfit. Its matte black finish complements all-black styling, making it a stylish choice for any rainy day occasion.


100% Polyester


Total Height: 14 in.
Width of Chest: 25.5 in.
Length of Sleeve: 31.5 in.
Width of bottom: 36.75 in.

Baby cape size
Height: 11.75 in.
Width: 15.25 in.

Care Instructions

*Hand wash only. Not machine washable.
*Do not dry clean.
*Water repellent zipper.
*When washing, please wash attached items separately.
*Please do not iron the zipper.
*Wrinkles easily so please shape and hang dry immediately after washing.
*Water repellence may weaken over time.

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