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[Thoughts] Transform rainy day outings with your baby into comfortable and enjoyable experiences with this multifunctional raincoat. Designed for active parenting, it provides both protection and convenience during wet weather.

[Design] Featuring an oversized silhouette, this raincoat can be shared and worn by parents. Its simple yet multifunctional design is accented with subtle white piping, adding a touch of contemporary style.

[Specifications/Features] The raincoat includes a baby cape to shield the child's head from the rain when carried. This cape can be conveniently stowed in a chest pocket and quickly attached with a one-touch fastening buckle during sudden downpours. As your baby grows, the cape can be removed and the pocket used for storage or as a ventilation feature. Side zippers enhance airflow, ensuring comfort even in humid conditions.

[Scene] Ideal for bicycle rides, the hood is equipped with a magnetic clasp that secures to a cap or helmet with a brim, preventing it from flapping in the wind and rain, and maintaining clear vision. The reflector print on the back of the hood enhances visibility and safety in low-light or rainy conditions, ensuring both parent and child are seen.

[Material] Made from three layers of waterproof polyester, this fabric offers both waterproofing and breathability. It ensures long-lasting comfort without the worry of getting wet or overly sweaty.

[Color/Pattern] The smoky gray color, reminiscent of fog, creates a universal style that elegantly complements everyday casual wear. Its blend of practicality and bright colors makes it a stylish addition to any wardrobe.


100% Polyester


Total Height: 14 in.
Width of Chest: 25.5 in.
Length of Sleeve: 31.5 in.
Width of bottom: 36.75 in.

Baby cape size
Height: 11.75 in.
Width: 15.25 in.

Care Instructions

*Hand wash only. Not machine washable.
*Do not dry clean.
*Water repellent zipper.
*When washing, please wash attached items separately.
*Please do not iron the zipper.
*Wrinkles easily so please shape and hang dry immediately after washing.
*Water repellence may weaken over time.

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