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[Thoughts] This shoulder bag is designed for the ultimate convenience on outings with children, combining the ease of a purse with the functionality of a pouch. It's an ideal accessory for parents who need quick, one-handed access to essentials without the bulk of a traditional purse.

[Specifications/Features] When supervising children, every moment counts. This hybrid purse-pouch allows for seamless transitions from everyday walks to shopping trips. Its design facilitates quick transactions without the need to rummage for a wallet. Essential items like towels, hand cream, or children's accessories are easily accessible. Additionally, a dedicated sunglasses holder on the side of the bag ensures that your sunglasses are always within reach and safe.

[Scene] Versatility is key with this bag. Wear it as a body bag for active moments or as a waist pouch to pair with a sack. The rotating buckle offers flexibility, allowing you to carry the bag on either shoulder or in any style that suits your needs. The wide belt design prevents the bag from digging into your body and evenly distributes the weight of the contents.

[Design] Its stylish box shape is appealing and easy for parents to share. The leather-like front, adorned with the brand's logo, adds a chic touch. The magnetic opening, accessible from the front, allows for effortless, one-handed operation.

[Material] The bag is crafted from waterproof polyester, offering resilience against water damage and making it a reliable companion in sudden rain or near water bodies like pools. This material choice ensures durability and peace of mind during various outdoor activities.


Shell: 100% Polyester
Faux-leather: 50% Polyurethane, 50% Cotton


Height: 5 in. × Width: 7.75 in. × Depth: 2 in.
Length of Handle: ~113.5 in.

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