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teppan box FSP6

teppan box FSP6

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This set, featuring a bib and towel, is designed to bring both sparkle and warmth to the cherished days you spend with your baby.

[Set Includes] The set comprises a stylish towel and a bib, resembling a beautiful starry night sky, evoking memories of the fleeting moments spent with the little one. Set against an elegant navy backdrop, the twinkling shooting stars are intricately embroidered, adding a magical touch. The cloud-shaped bib design ensures your baby looks irresistibly adorable. The waffle hand towel, crafted from 100% organic cotton, is soft and comfortable for everyday use. Equipped with a loop, it easily attaches to hooks or strollers for convenient childcare, and includes a name tag to avoid misplacement.

[Recommendation] This set is a perfect choice for anniversaries or as a heartfelt casual gift. The bib and towel encapsulate the family's everyday life with tenderness and a touch of magic, making it an ideal present to celebrate growth. Personalization is available, as names can be embroidered on both items, transforming them into unique, one-of-a-kind gifts.

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