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teppan box FSP2

teppan box FSP2

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This set includes a pair of water-resistant items: a casual T-shirt and a pair pants. Perfect for encouraging children to play and explore freely.

[Set Includes] The basic T-shirt, crafted from comfortable organic cotton, features a water-, oil-, and stain-resistant coating for easy cleaning. Emblazoned on the back hem is the empowering message, "Hey, I can do it myself!"
Accompanying the T-shirt are amphibious, water-repellent pants, ideal for both outings and outdoor play. Made from durable nylon and also treated with the same coating as the T-shirt, these pants ensure the child stays comfortable and clean. The fresh olive green color and wide-hem silhouette provide ventilation, making them perfect for summer play.

[Recommendation] This gift set is ideal for children who are taking their first steps and exploring their world. It makes a wonderful gift to celebrate those early milestones.

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