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SUICOKE ZAVO 2 beige 15cm

SUICOKE ZAVO 2 beige 15cm

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These versatile sports sandals, created in collaboration with SUICOKE, are ideal for any summer setting, from the park to the beach, or even a pool day at home. They're designed to handle a wide range of activities, effortlessly transitioning from outdoor play to more formal outings.

The heel belt features a unique design that ensures the sandals stay securely on, minimizing the chance of slipping off. Adjustable via Velcro, they provide a snug fit while also being gentle on the skin, thanks to the cushioned material. Elastic belts at the heel and instep make them easy to put on and take off, empowering kids with the independence to say, "I can do it myself!" These sandals are perfect for children eager to dress on their own.

Safety is a key aspect of the design, with toe protection to reduce injury risks. The mesh material at the toes allows for water drainage and enhances comfort, making these sandals practical for various environments. Whether at a park or playing in water, their design ensures feet don't get caught, providing peace of mind for active adventures.

Echoing the beauty of sandy beaches under a setting sun, the sandals come in an elegant beige that captures the essence of summer. This warm color not only brightens the paths children walk on but also adds a charming touch to summer memories.

Renowned for its innovative approach to footwear, SUICOKE is a domestic shoe sandal brand that prioritizes fashion and functionality. Embracing the philosophy of creating products they truly desire, SUICOKE has formed a close partnership with Vibram, the leading sole manufacturer globally. This collaboration has earned the brand widespread admiration from outdoor and fashion enthusiasts in Japan and beyond.


Upper: Synthetic Fiber
Sole: EVA



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