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teppan box TWI6

teppan box TWI6

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Introducing our chic set that includes a fashion-forward bib and versatile leg warmers, perfect for both babies as they grow up.

[Set Contents] Adorned with sparkling silver print, the bib’s nuanced colors let it double as an elegant collar. Designed with a jagged, star-like shape, it’s perfect for elevating your little one’s outfit. The leg warmers, crafted from skin-friendly cotton, are a cozy addition for those cooler days. Their ribbed knit design beautifully complements those adorable, chubby baby legs, giving a neat and cute appearance.

[Recommendation] These two items are wonderfully versatile, suitable for everything from daily wear to special outings. Pair the stylish bib and leg warmers with a simple outfit to instantly create a look that's sure to bring smiles all around.

*This gift set is in baby size
*Please check each individual item page for more details



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