Travel Tips for Traveling With an Infant, Baby, or Toddler

Travel Tips for Traveling With an Infant, Baby, or Toddler

Bring All Your Baby Essentials

Hotels and accommodations are getting better with baby amenities. Still, each family and each baby has their own needs and preferences, so it's best to list out the essentials. Travel essentials for babies include bottles, bibs, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and much more! After making a list, then we need to find the balance between packing the bare minimum and packing every. single. thing.

Our designers at MATO tackled this head-on and came up with SCROLL POCKETS. Keep everything together and organized in its own separate space!

Travel Checklist

We know there's nothing worse than arriving at the destination, only to realize we forgot to pack ____. At MATO (our parenting brand), we do our best to encourage communication between parents. So we've put together this thorough list to make sure nothing gets left behind! It includes all the travel items to help support family trips of any kind.

Download our 1-page Travel Checklist: here!


  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Socks and shoes
  • Underwear
  • Warm layers (Coat/jacket)
  • Rain gear (weather dependent)
  • Snow gear (weather dependent)

Feeding & Diapering

  • Bottles
  • Bibs
  • Age-appropriate snacks
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Formula (if using formula)
  • Bottle warmer (optional)
  • Baby bowls/cups/utensils
  • Breast pump (optional)
  • Changing pad (optional)
  • Portable high chair (optional)


  • Bedtime clothes, pajamas
  • Travel crib (optional)
  • Blanket/pillow from home
  • Night-light/noise machine (optional)


  • Baby soap/shampoo
  • Baby towel
  • Hairbrush

Important Documents for Travel Abroad

  • Passport or identification
  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization card

Health & Safety

  • First-aid kit / band-aids
  • Nail clippers/file
  • Extra diapers/wipes
  • Lotions/creams
  • Medication / thermometer
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mosquito net (destination dependent)


  • Favorite plush toy
  • Rattles, teethers, etc.
  • Books
  • Music playlist
  • Favorite games
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Pacifiers


  • Car seat
  • Stroller
  • Sling/carrier

Download our 1-page Travel Checklist: here!

Whether it's your family's first big trip or you already have a little jet-setter, double check your bag with this list! This works for children of all ages, from infants to big kids. It also works for short or long trips, by car, plane, or train. Keep this checklist and use it when preparing for your next family trip!

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