Origin Story: The 360° Bib and MARLMARL's Brand Name

Origin Story: The 360° Bib and MARLMARL's Brand Name

Beauty + Utility = Beautility

MARLMARL would not exist if our products were purely for looks.
They all need to be functional as well.
The roots of this trace back to our very first item: the 360° round bib, Macaron.
Why does the typical bib design only cover the chest?
Babies hardly ever sit still and are always looking around. Wouldn’t it make sense to design a bib to fit the baby’s natural movements?
The extra space a round shape provides can be a canvas for beautiful designs and accessories.
On top of that, why carry 3 bibs when 1 will do?
With these thoughts in mind, Macaron was born!
And the circular design became our namesake.
In Japanese:
  • Marui (丸い) means round
  • Mawaru (回る) means rotate
Mix them together and we get MARLMARL!


Using the circle as a canvas, we let our designers imaginations run wild. 
Popular designs include:
Accessories also became a design staple:
From simple and subtle to intricate and bold, we have something for everyone.

Japanese Gift-Giving

In Japan, gift-giving is an integral part of the culture. Each phase of the gifting process is equally held to the highest standards. This means pouring respect into planning, finding, wrapping, and delivering the perfect gift.
From the beginning, we established MARLMARL as a gift brand rather than an apparel brand. Staking our reputation on quality, we built a name for ourselves in Japan.
Starting with bibs, our products have thrived in the strictest of gift cultures. We're confident that they will be a hit at your next baby shower!
These bibs are specially made for gifting. Gift them individually or in a 3-piece set of your favorite series, packaged in our signature gift box. Perfect for baby showers, first birthdays, or any other celebration!

Respect for Children

Why do kids' clothes always have to be cute and colorful?
MARLMARL respects children. Our designs offer them beauty and sophistication not normally found in kids apparel.
At the time we started this company, kids clothes were overly cute and brightly colored. We wanted to give them another option.
We use a subtle and nuanced color palette. This allows them to wear our items for formal events as well as day-to-day use.


To catch as much dribble as possible, we use highly absorbent materials for our bibs. A majority of the outer shells on our bibs are 100% cotton. We even developed our own organic cotton yarn!
Utility also means that the child can use the bib long after they finish teething.
With the mature and sophisticated designs, the bib functions as a detached collar. Simply put it on to dress up any outfit.

Celebrate Parenthood!

This is our brand philosophy and all our designs have parents in mind.
Why change bibs when you can just rotate it?
Long-term use is one thing, but we're parents too and know how cumbersome it can be to pack extra bibs for an outing. The rotatable design of these bibs means they can take a lot more dribble before needing a change.

Full Circle 

Our all-time best-selling bib Dolce 1 fully embodies our philosophy.
Beautiful with luxurious cotton lace and velour ribbon accent. It rotates 360° and looks great from every angle.
Functional with highly absorbent cotton gauze fabric and 360° coverage. It is soft to the touch and gentle on the baby’s skin.
Beautility lasts long after the child finishes teething. Wear the bib as a detachable collar for weddings, celebrations, and special occasions.
Coming soon: Transform the bib into a one-of-a-kind gift with personalized name embroidery!
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