MATO by MARLMARL, A Parents' Brand

MATO by MARLMARL, A Parents' Brand

Parenting comes in all shapes and sizes.
Family structures are equally diverse.
Life with children needs specific solutions.

How do you fit a raincoat over a baby carrier?
Do you need separate bags for work and the park?
Does each parent need to buy their own items?


A brand specifically designed for parenting, has the answers to all those questions.


The HUG RAINCOAT is made to protect both parent and child from the elements.

The CONTAINER TOTE BAG M has a pocket for a laptop and a strap for hanging from a stroller.

ALL of our products are gender-free and adjustable for sharing between parents.

Founded on beautility and thoughtfully designed by parents in Tokyo, we are excited to introduce MATO by MARLMARL to American parents!

Style & Materials

As parents ourselves, we understand the need for durability and protection. Unexpected spills and stains are expected. Items like the TEARDROP PURSE AIR are not only coated and water-repellent on the outside, but on the inside as well.

On top of that, they are lightweight without compromising on strength or style. These products will stay with the family long after the kids are all grown up.

Usually, with demands for the material quality above, we need to sacrifice style. Luckily, MATO is designed in Tokyo, one of the fashion capitals of the world! In the boardroom or at the park, these designs make parents look good.


The BELLOWS POUCH and CONTAINER TOTE BAG are self-standing and meant to be packed and unpacked with one arm. Perfect for situations when the other arm is holding a child.

The COCOON BAG AIR has a clear side for finding items at a glance and an opaque side for keeping diapers out of sight.

The BABY BACKPACK AIR can not only be shared between parents, but between parent and child as well.

The entire MATO product range is full of ingenious designs specifically made to support daily life with children.


As parents, we've been through our fair share of quick changes and pass-the-baton situations. Getting stuck with something that's over-/under-sized or of an unflattering color is most definitely not ideal. Every MATO item was designed to be freely used by anyone. That means parents of any gender and any size can comfortably use and wear our items at any time.


For your own family or as a present to a fellow parent, we encourage you to give MATO by MARLMARL a try. This brand is specifically made for modern on-the-go families. The items will not only fit into the parenting lifestyle, but also make things a bit more convenient. All without sacrificing on style or quality.

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