Diaper Bag Packing Tips

Diaper Bag Packing Tips

Packing a diaper bag needs to be strategic!

We've been there before: no time and baby's crying so everything gets thrown in the bag. Only to kick ourselves later when it's time for a quick diaper change and it's impossible to find anything!

Organization is key, especially when you need something in a pinch. A burp cloth to wipe away surprise dribble. A band-aid for an unexpected boo-boo. A pacifier to... pacify.

Here are some tips for packing and organizing diaper bags:

Easy Access & Within Reach


Diaper bags are a lifeline for on-the-go families! They're packed with all the essentials for childcare, and more! When something happens - like a fall or a spill - every second counts. You'll want to get exactly what you need as quickly as possible.

Using an open-top bag is great for this as you can open it wide, take a second to look inside, and grab what you need. Having a bags for specific purposes, like holding diapers and wipes or toys and snacks is another way. Don't waste time (and emotion!) getting what you need, use that time to take care of the baby or child!

Organize By Category


Diaper bags shouldn't be like black holes. Keep everything in its own spot, then you'll always know where to find them. This is best for diaper bags with pockets and compartments. Decide ahead of time what items go where and communicate that with your partner. After use, always return the item to its home.

If the bag doesn't come with compartments, use smaller bags! Clear re-sealable plastic bags are great for packing related items together. For example, pacifiers and extra bottle nipples in one bag, wipes and diapers in another. This brings the following added benefit with it:

Stop Leaks


Leaks are bound to happen. It doesn't matter how well the baby's milk, their sunscreen, or your own water bottle have been packed. And no one wants to dig around a wet bag, especially not when baby is crying! To combat leaks, the best idea we can recommend is to pack each leaky item in its own re-sealable plastic bag. Then if a leak does happen, it will stay in the bag and keep the rest of your items safe and dry.

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