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Size 100: swimwear 5 gull sage

Size 100: swimwear 5 gull sage

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This eye-catching swimwear features nostalgic colors and bold transitions, making it perfect for summer days spent at the beach or pool. Its separate top and bottom design allows for easy on and off and the snap buttons on the back make for quick and smooth changes.

The minimalist design has a playful touch with zigzag stitching at the cuffs, hem, and collar, making it a gender-free option suitable for siblings to wear together. The swimwear is also long-sleeved and features UPF 50+ UV protection, eliminating the need for a separate rash guard and providing comfort for both play and rest.

The white line dividing the garment at the chest evokes the image of a seagull flying in the sky. Worn with the swimwear 2 reef sage, it creates a coordinated outfit.


Shell: 85% Polyester , 15% Polyurethane
Lining: 100% Polyester


TOPS Height: 15 in.
TOPS Width: 11 in.
Length of Sleeve: 17 in.
Waist circumference: 16.25 in.
BOTTOMS Rise: 6 in.
BOTTOMS Inseam: 2 in.

Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended, do not wring.

If machine washing, please wash separately from other items or with items of the same color and use mild detergent and fabric softener.

Iron low temp. with a cloth between iron and garment.

This product has a water-absorbing and quick-drying finish, this effect may weaken over time.

Do not tumble dry or use bleach-containing detergent.

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