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Designed with parents in mind, this extra-length raincoat is ideal for rainy days. The adjustable double-layered hood, elastic hem, and snap buttons offer excellent protection from the elements.

The raincoat's loose silhouette caters to all seasons, making it perfect for autumn and winter when outerwear tends to be bulkier. It's also suitable for wear during pregnancy.

One of its unique features is the snap buttons on the front edge, designed to attach a child's rain poncho and over a baby carrier. This not only protects the clothing and baby carrier from the weather, but also fosters closer parent-child bonding.

This neutral gray raincoat is available in two sizes, M and L, making it suitable for all parents and children. Matching baby and children's sizes in the same color offer the opportunity to create fully coordinated family outfits.


100% Nylon


Total Height: 47.25 in., Width of Chest: 27.5 in., Width of Hem: 30.75 in., Length of Sleeve: 35 in.

Care Instructions

Do not rub.
Do not bleach, the colors may change.
Do not iron.
Shape the garment and hang dry in the shade.
Do not tumble dry.
This product has a water-repellent finish, but it may become less effective over time.
Do not dry clean.

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