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Size 110-120: calmy 3 madras check

Size 110-120: calmy 3 madras check

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From “good night†to “good morningâ€, this pajama set gently snuggles up with the child. The adult-style design will bring smiles to the whole family.

Available in three sizes, the pants come with an extra wide belly wrap to keep kids warmer at night. There are elastic cuffs and feet so they can be adjusted as the child grows up. The piping that peeks out when folded up makes for a stylish point. Can be worn oversized for an adorable look.

The kids†size comes with MARLMARL’s original buttons made for children when they’re ready to say “I did it myself!†Baby size has hidden snap buttons for ease of use.

The happy blue and brown checkered pattern lets kids play happily even in their dreams. The warm and gentle fabric will make bedtime extra comfy.

Together with lull, these are made to coordinate matching outfits between siblings.


100% Cotton

Shell: 100% Cotton
Waist rib part: 95% Cotton, 5% Polyurethane

Pipping: 100% Polyester


Length of Top: 19.75 in.
Width of Chest: 14.75 in.
Length of Sleeve: 21 in. (Front)
Length of Sleeve: 18.75 in. (Back)

Waist Circumference: 21.25 in.
Length of Waist rib: 6 in.
Bottom Inseam: 8 in.
Bottom Outseam: 18.5 in.

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored products.

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