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bloomers 4 edelweiss silver

bloomers 4 edelweiss silver

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Our baby bloomers are perfect for active babies who love to move around!

The round, majestic shape of these bloomers adds a touch of cuteness to any outfit.

The silver-threaded fabric gives off a mature impression that is perfect for chic looks.

These bloomers are not only stylish but also practical, protecting the baby's tummy and diaper in a cute way. Made with breathable and lightweight materials, these bloomers are perfect for on-the-go babies.

Designed for use up to the age of 3, it's a gift that new parents will appreciate.


100% Cotton


Waist: 9.1 in.
Length: 10.6 in.

Care Instructions

Please wash separately from light-colored products.
Excessive force applied on the seams may cause them to open.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product

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