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alto 1 beige

alto 1 beige

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Multi-functional and long-lasting outerwear with enveloping warmth. Available in sizes 80-100(cm) to follow the child's growth, it is functional in two major ways: it can be worn for many years and it can be worn through many seasons. The cuffs can be folded back or rolled out to adjust to the growing child. The removable quilted liner and hood make it seasonally adjustable and allow it to be worn from fall to early spring.


Shell: 56% polyester, 23% acrylic, 9% wool, 5% rayon, 7% other
Lining: 100% Polyester
Part of Collar/Sleeves: 100% Polyester


Length: 16.5 in.
Width of chest: 16.5 in.
Hem-Width: 15.75 in.
Length of sleeve: 18 in.
Sleeve opening: 4.75 in.
Length of Detachable Hood: 11 in.
Width of Detachable Hood: 7.75 in.

Care Instructions

Please avoid washing in water at home.
Do not iron the buttons directly.
Iron with a cloth between the iron and the garment.
Dark colors may fade.
This garment may fade in direct sunlight. Please handle with care.
Due to the nature of the material, the fluff may tangle and cause pilling. If pilling occurs, do not pull, but carefully remove with small scissors.
Please keep this label in a safe place until you finish using the product

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