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zekka 5 beni-fuji

zekka 5 beni-fuji

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[Thoughts] Here's to days filled with warmth and joy in your family's embrace. This design, featuring Mount Fuji, symbolizes a bright and hopeful future.

[Design] The snowy slopes of Mount Fuji are beautifully captured in the pattern, rendered in three-dimensional embroidery. Delicate silver contour lines add intricate detail, and when worn, the majestic 3776.14m peak of Mount Fuji aligns perfectly with the baby's face.

[Color/Pattern] Inspired by the image of Mount Fuji bathed in the rosy hues of the morning sun, the colors in this design softly light up the future. The jagged white pattern, representing snow, adds a charming and playful element.

[Recommendation] This is an ideal gift for celebrating joyful milestones like births and birthdays. It's a beautiful symbol of parents' love and hopes as they watch over their child's growth, paralleled by the enduring presence of Mount Fuji.


Shell: 73% Tencel, 27% Rayon
Lining: 95% Polyester, 5% Polyurethane


Diameter: 12.75 in.
Width: 4 in.
Neck circumference: 9.75 in. - 11 in.

Care Instructions

*Hand wash only. Not machine washable.
*Do not dry clean.
*Please wash separately from light-colored items to avoid color migration.
*Please use a cloth when ironing.
*This product has a foil print. Due to the nature of the material, the foil portion may crack or fall off due to strong friction or washing. Please wash by hand and gently wring the printed part.

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