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Bibs & Aprons

zekka 1 sakura

zekka 1 sakura

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[Thoughts] This bib is a delightful ode to the springtime cherry blossoms of Japan. Its design captures the enchanting vision of miles of cherry trees and a blanket of soft petals, reflecting the beauty of the blossoms.

[Design] Imagine a never-ending row of cherry trees and a carpet woven from delicate cherry blossom petals. This bib's design is inspired by such a memorable spring scene. The shape of the bib itself mimics a petal, giving the appearance of a blooming flower around the little one’s neck.

[Color/Pattern] The bib features a harmonious blend of deep, warm hues and pale, exquisite colors. The varying shades of cherry blossom are layered to create a rich, multi-dimensional look.

[Scene] Specially treated to release the fragrance of cherry blossoms, the bib offers a sensory experience. A gentle rub on the fabric’s surface releases a sweet, soothing aroma, reminiscent of cherry blossom viewings and spring travels.

[Recommendation] An ideal gift for expectant parents welcoming a baby in spring, or for a little one's birthday. It also makes a charming souvenir from Japan. For an extra special touch, pair it with a matching amulet in the same pattern, creating an adorable gift set.


Shell: 74% Rayon, 26% Tencel
Lining: 95% Polyester, 5% Polyurethane


Diameter: 12.75 in.
Width: 4 in.
Neck circumference: 9.75 in. - 11 in.

Care Instructions

*Hand wash only. Not machine washable.
*Do not dry clean.
*Please wash separately from light-colored items to avoid color migration.
*Please use a cloth when ironing.
*The fragrance is not permanent and will gradually fade with wear and washing.

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