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T-shirts M-A-R-L white 120cm

T-shirts M-A-R-L white 120cm

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[Scene] A playful and practical twist to the classic white T-shirt. The deceivingly simple looks come with a number of improvements to the basic tee.

[Material] Quality is key for this T-shirt. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, it pairs comfort with sustainability. On top of that, the water-, oil-, and stain-resistant fabric makes it ideal for mealtime and playtime.

[Design] The playful scattering of the letters MARLMARL across the chest represents children's boundless imagination. On the back hem, the phrase "Hey, I can do it myself!" subtly empowers kids' independence each time they dress.

[Recommendation] This T-shirt is the perfect addition to any child’s wardrobe. Available in sizes 80/100/120, it makes a great gift and an excellent choice for matching with siblings.


100% Cotton


Total Height: 18.25 in.
Width of Chest: 14.5 in.
Length of Sleeve: 5.5 in.

Care Instructions

*Machine washable (do not tumble dry).
*Do not dry clean.
*Wash separately from light-colored items.
*Use a laundry net when washing.
*Please avoid detergents containing bleach.
*Do not iron the print.
*This product may shrink slightly in the wash.
*Due to the nature of the material, the fluff on the surface of this product may tangle and cause pilling.
*This product has water-, oil-, and stain-resistant coating that may become less effective with age.

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