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paddle dress 3 pindot 110-120cm

paddle dress 3 pindot 110-120cm

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[Thoughts] Step into summer with this breezy dress. It features softly swaying flared sleeves for a cool, comfortable feel. Drawing inspiration from sailor collars, this dress not only exudes a nostalgic charm but is also highly functional.

[Long Use] The flared sleeves, inspired by sailor uniforms, add a touch of fluffy glamor to the dress. Designed to naturally fit the shoulders, this dress is perfect for growing with the child, ensuring lasting wear.

[Specifications/Features] Under the sleeves, the armholes are generously cut to ensure comfort during those hot summer days, making the dress both cool and breathable.

[Material] Constructed from tough nylon, this dress is ideal as children's play attire. A water-, oil-, and stain-resistant coating on the fabric enhances its durability ? perfect for outdoor play in parks or near the water.

[Color/Pattern] With black dots on a beige background, it is reminiscent of a gentle southern breeze. Navy blue lines elegantly accentuate the simple collar.


100% Nylon


Total Height: 28.5 in.
Width of Chest: 13.75 in.
Length of Sleeve: 7 in.
Width of Shoulder: 9.5 in.
Width of bottom: 24.5 in.

Care Instructions

*Machine washable (use laundry net, do not tumble dry).
*Do not dry clean.
*Please wash separately from light-colored items to avoid color migration.
*Please use a laundry net when washing.
*Please use a cloth when ironing.
*Please hang dry immediately after washing to prevent wrinkling.
*Dark colors may fade over time.

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