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paddle dress 1 white 110-120cm

paddle dress 1 white 110-120cm

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[Thoughts] Embrace the essence of summer with this breezy dress, perfect for those sunny days. As the little one dashes around, the sleeves flutter like sails in the ocean breeze, making this the summer dress of dreams.

[Long Use] The flared sleeves, inspired by sailor collars, add a touch of airy elegance to the dress. They fit naturally on the shoulders, allowing the dress to grow with the child and ensuring prolonged wear.

[Specifications/Features] Designed with comfort in mind for those hot summer days, the dress features wide-open armholes beneath the sleeves for cool breathability.

[Material] We've chosen durable nylon, ideal for children's play clothes. The fabric is treated with a water-, oil-, and stain-resistant coating, perfect for park outings and waterside adventures!

[Color/Pattern] The dress shines in elegant white accented with navy blue lines for a nautical appearance. Its colors evoke images of clouds and seabirds soaring in the summer sky, enhancing its marine charm.

[Outfits] Create adorable summer ensembles by coordinating with siblings or friends. Pair it with items from our paddle series, like suicoke sandals, wide-brim hats, and other accessories, for an irresistibly cute summer look.


100% Nylon


Total Height: 28.5 in.
Width of Chest: 13.75 in.
Length of Sleeve: 7 in.
Width of Shoulder: 9.5 in.
Width of bottom: 24.5 in.

Care Instructions

*Machine washable (use laundry net, do not tumble dry).
*Do not dry clean.
*Please wash separately from light-colored items to avoid color migration.
*Please use a laundry net when washing.
*Please use a cloth when ironing.
*Please hang dry immediately after washing to prevent wrinkling.
*Dark colors may fade over time.

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