New Collection: MARLMARL's 2024 Spring/Summer!

New Collection: MARLMARL's 2024 Spring/Summer!

Dive into summer with our latest collection!

We've got little explorers covered with our adventure-ready lineup! Designed for comfort, durability, and style, these items make summer outings a breeze. Great for parents as well because the fabrics are hard to get wet, hard to get dirty, and easy to dry!


Paddle Rompers

graph white | navy blue | pindot

Introducing the first item from our 2024 Spring/Summer collection: paddle rompers! Designed for play, it combines the iconic sailor style with practicality. Snap closures, mesh lining for cool comfort, and durable nylon for all adventures. Available in 3 colors for chic little explorers: graph white, navy, pindot

Paddle Dress

Babies' Size: white | navy blue | pindot

Kids' Size: white | navy blue | pindot

Elegantly step into summer with our breezy paddle dress. Inspired by sailor collars and designed for lasting wear. It has soft flared sleeves and a roomy armhole design ensure cool comfort on warm days. Crafted from durable nylon with a water-, oil-, and stain-resistant coating, it's perfect as playwear! Available in 3 colors for both babies' and kids' size!

Paddle Shirts

Babies' Size: white | navy blue | olive

Kids' Size: white | navy blue | olive

Designed for multi-year use, our paddle shirts will be there for every summer adventure! Adjust the drop shoulders as the little explorer grows up. The durable water-, oil-, and stain-resistant fabric offers long-lasting protection from water and stains. The modern square collar, chest pocket, and crisp white with navy blue accents add a twist to the classic sailor style. Buttoned sides provide ventilation and cool comfort for fun on land or water.

Paddle Shorts

graph white | navy blue | olive

graph white | navy blue | olive

Playfully sophisticated, these are a versatile choice for outdoor adventures and family gatherings. The side pockets are for keeping little treasures, while the inner mesh keeps them cool. Crafted from water-, oil-, and stain-resistant coated nylon, they're as functional as they are stylish. Pair them with a casual tee and summer accessories for a chic, adventurous look.

Paddle Slacks

Babies' Size: graph white | navy blue | olive

Kids' Size: graph white | navy blue | olive

Rounding out our paddle series, these slacks complete the little explorer's wardrobe. Side pockets, breathable mesh, and made from durable water-resistant nylon, these slacks are perfect for outdoor play. The adjustable snap-button hem grows with them. Go from a balloon-style fit when they're small to snug fit when they're older.

T-shirts M-A-R-L

Sizes: 80cm | 90cm | 100cm

The final addition to our adventure-ready summer line-up is a playful twist on the classic white t-shirt! While it may look like a simple t-shirt, there is much more than meets the eye. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, the fabric is also coated for water-, oil-, and stain-resistance. This makes the t-shirt comfortable, easy to clean, and a supporter of independence. The phrase "Hey, I can do it myself!" is printed inside for the wearer themselves.

That wraps up our sensational summer lineup! Thank you for joining us on this stylish journey through our newest collection! These items were all designed with little adventurers in mind. From versatile play clothes to chic essentials, we're excited to be part of your family's summer memories. Stay cool, stay adventurous, and embrace the joy of summer with every wear!

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