Bring Japan Home: MARLMARL's Souvenir Series

Bring Japan Home: MARLMARL's Souvenir Series

Whether it's your little one's first passport stamp from Japan or their hundredth, we have the perfect souvenir of beautility!

MARLMARL's two newest lines of bibs let babies keep a piece of Japan with them at all times! Our namesake 360° round bibs are extra absorbent and catch dribble in all directions. They also serve as a canvas for stylish, sophisticated, and in this case, historic designs!


ukiyoe series

Traditional woodblock print, ukiyo-e, is a distinctly Japanese art style known for its vibrant colors and bold outlines. Hokusai's "Great wave off Kanagawa" is arguably the most famous piece of art in Japanese history. Sharaku's "Ohtani Oniji III as Yakko Edobei" is instantly recognizable to fans of Japan. Kuniyoshi, one of the last great masters of ukiyo-e, brought mythical animals to life in his art, "Tamaya Tamata" being an example of this.

These iconic works of art were re-imagined in the MARLMARL way and adorn our ukiyo-e bib line. As historical as they are functional, they're perfect as a souvenir from Japan or for fine art's littlest fans.

gotochi series

Dedicated to Japan's top destinations, the gotochi line is a must-have memento for visitors to the country. Tokyo, Ginza, and Kyoto each have their own unique vibe. Our designers took on the challenging task to symbolize these cities in stylish abstract patterns.

No other city in the world embodies modernity and tradition quite like Tokyo. Anyone remotely interested in fashion has shopped in the Ginza district. No trip to Japan is complete without visiting the ancient capital of Kyoto. Let the little one bring the essence of these destinations with them to special occasions and everyday outings.

Yokoso (Welcome to) Japan

Eye-catching and dribble-catching, our ukiyo-e and gotochi bibs are special mementos from Japan. Gift traditional works of art or contemporary patterns to the littlest travelers in your life!

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